Install and uninstall

LastBASH is a shell script. You do not need to install it to run. For a quick test, just run it from its current directory.

Run from the current directory

To test it, download the latest release and follow the next steps.

First, unpack the archive (replace the version number with the correct one) and enter the directory

$ tar xzf lastbash-0.3.2.tar.gz
$ cd lastbash-0.3.2

Then run the program (assuming bash is your shell)

$ ./lastbash

Please see the Usage page for details on LastBASH usage.


To perform an installation with default options, run the next command as root.

# make install

If you like, parameters can be specified in the command line, like this.

# make prefix=/usr/bin install


To perform the uninstall process, type the next command (with or without some parameters in the command line) as root.

# make uninstall