LastBASH is a console player for Last.fm. Even if it is beta version, it is quite usable. Its purpose is to offer a simple interface to Last.fm services, to allow you to listen to the streams while you are working in console. Or, maybe, when you don't want to use any graphical player.

LastBASH features the following:

  • nice and usable Text User Interface
  • authentication using the md5 password encryption
  • retrieves the metadata of the current playing track and displays it (artist, album, track name, track duration)
  • keeps a history of last played tracks
  • allows you to control the Last.fm station, by issuing the love, skip and ban commands
  • allows you to change the Last.fm station based on tags, group, neighbours, recommendations, similar artists, fans or by directly typing the full url
  • optionally, it can run a backend player (such as MPlayer or mpg123), which you can control through the same interface, or lets you choose any external player you wish (capable of playing mp3 streams), such as XMMS, Rhythmbox or even Amarok, if you feel to
  • remote control (send commands and station changing)
  • creates a html file displaying the current track information
  • easy integration with web browsers

Internal stuff

The communication with the web service is accomplished using external HTTP clients (wget or curl) or using the built-in client.

The TUI is created using some terminal features such as non-linear cursor movement, scrolling areas and color attributes, so you need a compatible terminal (Linux, Xterm, Rxvt, screen are tested and they work). Starting with version 0.3.0, the program uses tput instead of plain escape sequences.