• Show the external player status in LEDS area.
  • Improved the player control and checking.
  • Added support for mute and pause player commands.
  • Disable local echo on normal operation.
  • Use only GPL v2 (for the moment).
  • Log the remote call commands.
  • Disabled the read-based sleep function. Fixed the remote call key lock bug.
  • Added experimental support of user input for station change.
  • Added support for rxvt and screen title.
  • Added experimental support for saving csv formatted history.
  • Added experimental support for saving an HTML file reflecting the current track.


  • Chech for data validity in command line.
  • Use getopts for parsing the command line parameters.
  • Show a better help message.
  • Now we have a manpage.
  • Minimum terminal width reduced to 40 chars.
  • Fixed the mkfifo detection.
  • Added debug toggling support.
  • Fixed the player integration, especially the 'quit' sequence.
  • Added quick helps for HTTP client and player.
  • More remote commands added.
  • Save the current meta info to a file.
  • Display detailed changing station errors.


  • Hide the cursor.
  • Enter and leave terminal special mode.
  • Use ncurses (tput) instead of direct escape sequences.
  • Check for webservice errors.
  • Multiple commands per call.
  • Check for a minimum terminal size before start.
  • Added support for external HTTP clients, fixed the Ubuntu related bug.
  • Keep history in memory for redraw.
  • Prevent race conditions in remote command calls.
  • Use USR1 instead of HUP for remote command calls.
  • Added a interruptible sleep function.
  • Better quitting sequence (trap signals).


  • Display the action (Love, Skip, Ban) in current track area and history.
  • Limit the line length in current track area.
  • New headers for history.
  • Added support for Discovery mode.
  • Display the keys when the pressed key is not understood.
  • Basic URL encoding.


  • Search for available players.
  • Check for missing programs.
  • Support for remote commands and signalling.
  • Added support for terminal resize.


  • Added an area to display only the current track meta. History scrolling can be up or down. The player can be enabled or disabled.


  • LastBASH developping has started.
  • Added support for the xterm title.
  • Write a playlist when connecting.
  • Added support for the backend player, mplayer, for now.
  • Added support for terminal size detection.
  • The header and status bar scale the whole terminal width.
  • Added the RTP command.