LastBASH is a console/terminal based player. Although the default player is a great one, it also is a graphical one and it could be somewhat inadequate for the die-hard terminal users, like some people I know. LastBASH tries to find its place among the other players, filling this gap: the missing console player.

Basically, it is no more than a TUI frontend, written in Bash. It displays the information of the current playing track, keeps a history of the played tracks and allows the user to select the desired station and to perform some actions on the current track, such as love, skip or ban. It can also create a html file containing the track information and album cover.

To listen to, you can use any player capable of mp3 streaming (such as MPlayer, mpg123, XMMS and so on) by opening the M3U playlist that LastBASH saves on connecting. But the recommended way is to use the LastBASH frontend features and let it run some compatible player in background (MPlayer or mpg123). You can control the player through the same user interface. This way you need to have only one console open for both listening and controlling

This is shameless self-promotion, I know. You can find me on as cstroie and, if you like this player and want to share your experience, you can join the LastBASH group and tell others about it.


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